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…Set foot on the Babel

A “time-traveling” adventure set in the afterlife

You wake up to find yourself on the Babel - a cruise ship sailing into the afterlife. On this journey, uncover secrets and solve quests by rewriting the past to change destinies...where will it lead you? Perhaps reincarnation?

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Rewrite the past to open paths into the future. Explore carefully, see with your heart, and use your notebook and pen to push the butterfly to flap its wings… And blow the winds of change! Do you understand? It means you hold the fate of Babel in the palm of your hand!

Multiple Perspectives

Four strangers, four lives inextricably intertwined that form the individual strings of a fateful spider web. Are you ready to go back and forth in time? The laws of the mortal realm do not apply here, so be careful!


Unpredictable Outcomes

Ladybugs carrying bathtubs, flying fish used as express carriage, and hooded hair dryers used to erase memory? The story that unfolds before your eyes is set in an uncanny world, with its own set of rules. Every decision you make has repercussions that may affect your future…

Unique Art Style

A teaspoon of cute, a dash of bizarre, a pinch of old-school, add to that a zest of cartoon, and voilà! A unique art style and a captivating soundtrack will be your companions during this journey into eternity. You will not get lost, I promise! In this journey of journeys, your character and you will be born anew.


About us

We founded StarryStarry Games in 2018, and immediately set to work on our first game A Guidebook of Babel.

We are the two members of the studio and are gamers at heart. Together, we bring several years worth of expertise in the videogame industry to the making of the game.

We are as "indie" as can be, and strive to create a game that follow our vision, never compromising, in order to deliver an experience that is interesting to play, mind-opening and that can be found nowhere else.

We hope that you will have a good time playing A Guidebook of Babel!


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