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Babel Devblog - May


This is Gardener speaking. From today on, we promise to communicate at the previously agreed-upon time, as per the Babel’s strict regulations. Should we fail to uphold this most solemn promise, then… Forget we ever made it in the first place! Are we not allowed a little leniency in our communication schedule?

Well, back to the matter at hand. Where did we stop last time? Ah, right, we mentioned the merry lot who partied a little too merrily on the deck and got themselves inebriated, flouting the strict regulations prohibiting the consumption of alcohol above deck by crewmates. Believe me though, once Javert is done with whatever errand he has to run, he is going to remind them who is in charge… Wait a minute, did he not already catch one?

We cannot speak of this, lest we reveal too much

We have also reached a new stage in the development of the game, shifting the our focus from the boat to Dripwood Forest. The last of our four main characters will start her adventure within those woods. This lovely lady, who will remain anonymous for the time being — after all, a lady must maintain the mystery — is one hell of a pilot. Furthermore, her unique skills and abilities allow her to remain stunningly beautiful under any circumstances! How awesome is that?

In a very unsurprising twist, our lady pilot is suddenly and most unexpectedly faced with difficulties. Aaw naaw! Her engine is coughing up smoke, and we can all agree that this is rarely conducive to an enjoyable flight. What? You cannot see the smoke? … Well, um, we did not have time to add it to the visuals, so just pretend like it’s there. Cough, cough, the smoke is irritating my respiratory tract. Cough, cough See? It is easy.

This is not an ideal place to be stranded on

To follow up on the stage of development, we have started porting to Nintendo Switch. Many thanks to Rick, whose efforts really paved the way for this. In the hopefully not-so-distant future, everyone will be able to carry a piece of Babel on them. At all times. And for all Eternity. Neat!

Our expectations are high, what about yours?

I think that wraps it up for this communication. This was Gardener, signing off.

Do you think they’ll notice we didn’t speak much of the alliance? I’m afraid they’ll think we’re just going through the motions without… Oops, the mic is still on!


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