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Devlog March Update

Beep beep...

Hey there! This is our first dev log since...probably a year ago! Nice to meet you all, we're Gardener and Rick, the team behind A Guidebook of Babel...we've picked up the development speed recently and also have kickstarted our community channels. It's a pleasure to finally also have a new store page, so check us out.

If you want to speak to us, you can find us on the following:


Our social channels have also recently opened:

Twitter: (#GoBabelgame)


Facebook Page:

Reddit: r/guidebookofbabel

Now...unto more relevant things about development progress...

First, if you haven't checked out our store page yet, the Babel is a cruise ship that looks somewhat like this (see that statue in the center there?)

Sorry for derailing we have completed the development of the opening stage of the game. We have to brag (high pitched voice) that this is no usual opening, but we believe a fairly creative one. The first six stages (you can see five stages in the image below) will comprise of pieces webbed together by butterfly effect, in which we'll use to capture new passengers boarding the Babel! evil laughter

We'll be sure to soon release a demo so you know exactly what we're talking about!

Some other updates include:

  • Two new additions to our team! (Storywriting & programming)

  • Working on new stages involving the character of Sylvia and swim team captain Javert

  • Localization updates and optimization

  • Previous stage expansion and completions

Later this week, we're preparing to give you a sneak peek of one wild night on the deck. Stay tuned for that!

That's all for now folks!

This is Gardener, over and out.


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