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Meet the REAL Bable Crew


Phew! The signal is still working.

So this is our third communication! We have something new this time...and tada...we want to show you the star team working day-in-day-out creating the Babel - the no.1 destination for adventure in the afterlife!

[Enters] Meet the star team!

Gardener, Rick, Hyacinthus, and Silver-Mark3!


Hello! This is Gardener again! * speaking proudly * The inspiration behind the adventures on the Babel first came from me...I single-handedly am responsible for the most important world view of the game and its plotlines. * coughs * Of course, the art style has definitively made us stand out. My motto is "tend to every seed of inspiration".

Chef Rick! - you got a minute for this interview?


Rick bears great responsibility for this ship we're on, that is, he's responsible for the building and maintenance of all systems and parts. Without the parts, there would've been no ship, and without this ship...well we all know why the Babel exists...Rick is our main man in charge of ship maintenance, of course, he's also the master chef onboard and the alchemist * smirk * He's the reason we can fly...

Oh...and I almost forgot, he's also in charge of our original soundtrack, we could call him the Babel DJ...

Alright, it's getting too heated up in the kitchen, let's go hang out on the deck for a sec...

Isn't that Silver-Mark3?


I knew robots would wander around and they'd be hard to catch...Pay attention guys, Silver-Mark3 is a wonder. Despite being mostly "mechanical", he's one of the main creators, executing creative designs such as the different story stages and systems creation. So why does the butterfly effect happen on the Babel? Don't ask me...ask Silver-Mark3!

It's almost lunch so let's hurry on to Hyacinthus...


What's my job here you ask me?...Hm...let me think how I can accurately put it to you, human. Think of me as the wizard, master manipulator and of course the grand puppet master! * muahaha * Sounds a little terrifying?...OK, I didn't mean to scare you. I'm a dream weaver...ever find yourself wanting a little suspense, a little drama...or, fine you want more excitement?...maybe you can't let go of your past life? That's ok, leave it to me, stories are a magical thing and leave that to the master.

It's sign-off time again...of course, we're also off to lunch...* sniff sniff* What's that I smell?

This is Gardener, over and out.


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