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Meet us at the MGN Indie Game Carnival on May 31

Bzz— Bzz—

Allo? Can you hear us? Ah, good. Good.

We have some great news to share: A Guidebook of Babel is participating in MGN Indie Game Carnival, an online festival hosted on Steam! When the stream starts, Gardener will take the stage to introduce the game and its mechanics.

Type of event: Online stream

Streaming platform: AcFun

Streaming link:

Streaming time: May 31, 2021 at 5am (PST)

Regarding the many questions you may have, the little hands behind A Guidebook of Babel are hard at work painting the afterlife as if it were a canvas. But worry not, we are thoroughly prepared! We only ask that you be patient!

Oh, MGN, right. Where was I?

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